The Reality.

I decided to delete your number. I am doing it for good. Eventough I still can’t believe this 6 year of friendship would come to an end.

This last 3 months could be the best months in my last 3 years. I have a job for something like. I learn for something I want.
I know there’s somekind of thing in me that burn stronger, bigger, and brighter.

And you were my fuel.

I have ever imagined to pick you up from the airport, that’s why I am learning to drive.
Somehow I still can’t pass the test to get the license. But I will do my best until the time arrive, insyaAllah, I will have the license eventough I won’t pick you up in the airport because you won’t come here.

And I will always learn to cook, eventough I won’t make food for you because I know you will never come to my house to try my food.

I will continue to learn french eventough I know, I will never meet your parents, and your beloved brother. People you keep talking about because I know they are what matter to you, once and forever.

And I will try to find someone to be able keep the fire burning inside of me, better than you.

When I talked to you about the promise I made, I made it for myself.

Just like my last message for you on Whatsapp and for something that you never reply:
Thank you.

Is it really necessary?

Menghabiskan banyak waktu di sosial media membuat saya termangu dan berpikir, banyak sekali wajah-wajah cantik berseliweran di beranda, terpoles make up dengan apik, berpakaian rapi gonta-ganti dalam setiap postingan/story. Kadang saya hampir lupa bahwa yang saya lihat adalah kawan saya sendiri, bukan artis kawakan ternama. Perbincangan di dunia nyatapun sesekali merupakan topik tentang merk gincu atau diskon baju. Continue reading “Is it really necessary?”